Corporate social responsibility
(CSR) is an important element of good corporate citizenship, alongside sustainability and good governance. Modern CSR programs are aligned with a our business strategy and its engagement with key stakeholder groups. In a similar manner support for industry initiatives, customers and end-use segments enables close engagement with these important stakeholders.

This is not a new approach for Verburg attorneys. Our support of the communities where we have an impact has prioritised educational, environmental and cultural projects. Our charitable donations are geared towards issues of importance to our staff (eg education, food & water and TB). Verburg attorneys also supports initiatives of the business community to help address the development needs of the country. Verburg attorneys efforts focus on supporting multi-year programs to create sustained impact in communities. The majority of Verburg attorneys CSR spend takes place in South Africa, given the development needs of the country.
The Verburg Community Foundation (VCF) was created to channel energy toward community actions. It functions as a charitable foundation, and is a reflection of our core organisational values which we take very seriously. We channel 2% of our annual revenue into VCF to drive social impact, and all our employees have 10 KPI points allocated to social impact actions. Through the VCF, we offer underprivileged people around the world a system of sustainable and enduring support. The VCF was set up to help people find a better quality of life, reinforce the values of community and community spirit, and remind people of the wonder of our world.

We work on the principle that we all have the responsibility to leave this world behind better than the way we found it. At Verburg Attorneys, our Corporate Social Responsiblity acts as a channel to focus our social empowerment efforts, increase environmental consciousness, and preserve bio-diversity. We have a portfolio of social responsibility projects which we set up ourselves and manage.

We invite you to adopt our global projects and we will help you realise your CSR mission with ease and save you valuable time and resources.

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